Tour de Big South Fork

I talked my wife into letting me take my bike along for a long weekend at Big South Fork and I managed to sneek in one big adventure ride while I was there, about four hours total.

My ride consisted of mostly gravel or dirt park service roads with a few horse trails thrown in. Just about perfect 29'er terrain. Observant viewers will notice some extra cables hanging off my bars. Yes, the Karate Monkey now has gears.

Big South Fork has some awesome scenery and really cool rock formations. The park sees very little use and you generally don't have to worry about seeing many other folks when hiking or riding.

Started out in the Friday morning in the mid-30's (COLD). The cold front brought in crystal clear skies.

It was cool rolling down the asphalt with those big wheels and gears, even the locals were impressed.

Overly huge seatbag? Check.

The gravel roads had not been graveled(word?) in a while, made for some very fast riding.

After a few miles of gravel roads the ride turned to dirt service roads.

The "road" went by some cool rock features.

The trail turned major steep and rocky as it dropped into the gorge. Despite the warnings, the Monkey needed no leadership.

After a very steep long climb out of the gorge it was back to service roads. Nice scenery though.

Back onto 297 towards the cabin. All these dogs were off of one porch.

The rest of the weekend was spent hiking with the family. Spencer is getting to the age where she is so much fun to do outdoors stuff with. Bike rides are not too far off!