Greenway ride

The Wednesday night Haw Ridge ride was rained out so we fired up some Greenway action. Nice to have warm weather and daylight. Spring is a really good thing.

Hit a little offroad in the middle of the ride.

Had a great group, fast and fun.

Nice to arrive at the pub with daylight left and sit outside without freezing half to death. Market Square was buzzing folks.

Spotted this awesome machine/long board hauler and thought it would make for a nice picture. Come to find out it belongs to all around good guy and owner of the Heuristic Workshop, Eric Ohlgren aka Donger. This old CB twin is gonna be his steed for The 555. Sounds like a ton of fun. Cross the country on nothing but highways and a $500 motorcycle which may, or may not, leave you stranded at any point. Those types of adventures don't exist much anymore.

Hats off to the participants. I'm jealous.

Kind of reminds me of one of the first serious books I read as a kid. ZEN and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Need to dig that back out and read it again sometime.