More Greenway

Solo ride on the Greenway. Temps in the upper 30's and really high winds made for a tough start, but once I got warmed up and into a rhythm I was glad to out there. Longer solo rides are good every once and a while.

Greenway rides

Knoxville is working pretty hard to construct a network of Greenways throughout the city. Although some might say it's going a bit slow, it's not too easy to go in after the fact and add connected ribbons of asphalt.

These Greenways have become pretty popular with some of my mountain bike crowd. They are a great alternative to damp trails and considerably more appealing than riding on public roads. We've put together a 40+ mile ride that has very little actual road riding. The fun factor is ramped up a bit when done at with a fast crowd at nigh with a pub stop mixed in. $2 drafts are a good thing.

Kids concert

Whitney and I took the girls to their first concert this last weekend. The Bijou Theater in downtown Knoxville is an awesome place to see a show. Lots of history, pleasing architecture and not a bad seat in the place.

Dan Zanes took the stage and announced that this show was a party and no one needed to stay in their seat or be quiet! The children obliged and about a hundred three to five year olds rushed the stage! It was one of the best concerts I've ever been to.

Molly and Will Trike ride

Superman, is that you?

Apparently Superman drives a Pontiac. Who knew?
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My first chance to ride outside of the Knoxville area in about a year and a half. Couldn't have picked a better spot to use my opportunity than Raccoon Mountain. 16 miles of twisty, rolling ribbons of single track with no hard sections. Just about perfect terrain for a FUN singlespeed ride.

Wally and Allen made for good ride partners. Save for few quick picture stops, we kept a good steady clip. Perfect temp, trail conditions and the fall colors were peaking.

Video of a little climb with some rock steps. I am only posting because Allen DIDN'T make it. Twice.

IC King

Playin' around with the video on my point and shoot. IC King. Nice fast flowy downhills.