Cold, cold and more cold.

"A little too much is just enough for me" - James Agee

I love the quote above. I'd also love to say I ran across it while reading great literary works, but I didn't. It's posted on the wall in a bar we stop at on our weekly Greenway ride.

I love "too much". Not too much drinking which is the context in the bar poster, but too much in general. Biting off more than I can chew is always my goal and it's lead to some great times and spectacular failures. Those spectacular failures always make you better.

Back to the title of the post. Cold.

So much for global warming, this is the coldest winter we have had in many years. The alarmists will have to find something else to scare us with....oh wait, they found it...the economy.

In past years, a winter this cold and wet would have left me without any bike riding, but the Greenway has given me the chance to log some serious miles despite the conditions. Logging the miles is secondary to the good times and new friends I've made with my new downtown rides. Haven't been on the mountain bike in two months and haven't even missed it (yet) as the Greenway offers a cool combination of a leg burning workout and a few ours of social time. Good stuff.

Hopefully all this riding will allow me to do some big events this year that will be "a little too much". Checking the calander now.

Still going

Lots and lots of rain this winter, so that means lots and lots of Greenway rides. Lots of Greenway rides means more socializing, beer stops and good times.

The greenway rides always include a trip by the local skatepark. The kids at the park are really impressed with us old guys, our tight fitting lycra clothing and dorky bikes.

Pub stop.

Henley street bridge as seen from the Greenway. Click for big.

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Catch up number 3

January trip to the Zoo. This pic is not a fair representation of our kids normal behavior.

Spencer helping Molly see a rattlesnake. Again, this level of sibling cooperation is rare in the Stegall houshold.

The new Stegall kid exhibit.

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Catch up time part 2

Spencer is growing up.

Turned 6!

Whitney keeping the party under control and really wanting me to
put the camera down.

First lost tooth!

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Catch up time.

Spencer and her friend Lilly Kate.
Molly at Halloween

Bike riding.

Will found my old skool Syncros cycling cap.
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