Spencer and Molly have been taking swim lessons and have both made huge strides. Spencer had already become a pretty decent swimmer, but the lessons have been a huge confidence booster. She's started diving, trying flips and heads straight to the deep end of any new pool to see if she can touch the bottom. Pretty good for five! Molly isn't quite there yet, but holding her own for a three year old. Armed with her swim vest she jumps in and isn't afraid to head off into the deeper stuff.

The swim teacher brought a waterproof camera the other day and snapped some cool underwater shots.

Spencer on the bottom of the pool!

Molly with classic "holding my breath" face.

Molly showing off her "Dolphin" style of swimming.

Fourth of July Weekend

The way the Fourth fell this year provided me a rare opportunity (in my business anyway). A three day weekend. We thought about going somewhere, but couldn't really think of anything that sounded that great without eating up too much of our time driving.

We ended up having a pretty good time just hanging around Knoxville and doing a few things we don't normally get around to.

First on the list was a local Fourth of July Parade. The kids get a kick out of it, but Spencer seemed a bit bored. I guess by five it takes more than local politicians throwing candy and helicopters to keep your interest. Can't blame her really.

Not sure what this look on Will's face was all about.

Hung out on the deck some. Playing in the sprinkler and grilling out.

Scout just had her 10th birthday and was glad to have us all home for a few days.

We loaded up all the kids Saturday morning to hit the local farmers market and have lunch at the Tomato Head.

Sunday we drove around a bit. Stopping by a few stores and then heading up to the Foothills Parkway. Everyone fell asleep except for Spencer, so she and I took the short hike up to the observation tower.

Spencer was blown away by the view.
Spencer and I finished up the weekend with a bike ride to the river with a stop for smoothies on the way home.