Gotta get better at this...

...posting thing. Try and allocate 10 minutes a day to post some pics and type a couple words.

Trying to ride more lately, but it's tough so I've resorted to mounting up on the elliptical machine. It torture. Bland exercise at it's finest.

I've started dreaming up this HUGE death march ride that will be a point to point across several counties. Not sure if I'll be able to get it together or not, but it gives me an excuse to take part in one of my favorite activities- pouring over maps. Hope to do a couple scouting rides in the next few weeks.

Molly and Will had a birthday. Two and Three.

Fire! Fire! Will giving his mesmerized, future pyro look.

Molly hugging her new Sleeping Beauty movie.

Fun with stickers.

Weening Molly off naps and she falls asleep in the funniest places. Spencer was nice enough to cover her up.

Spotted this while unloading my singlespeed road bike the other day. Pretty lucky. This would have been BAD.

Spotted at the mall

Words are not necessary.
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