I need to change the subtitle of my blog...

...from semi-daily to semi-weekly. I haven't had a chance to take pictures and for some reason I just can't post without pics. I'll just dig up some random snap shots for filler.

Follow-up from my last post- Spencer is on her own on the bike, starting and stopping by herself with no problem. Crappy video from my point and shoot camera below. Can't wait to take her on a bike ride.

Countdown to vacation is on. Shortly we will be headed down to the Gulf Coast for a week of hanging on the beach, eating great food and I might even enjoy an adult beverage or two. After experimenting last year on a new house, we are headed back to a house we have stayed in several times before, next to Grayton Beach, named Gulf Coast Nights. The house is great, but the pool area is even better. The owner cut just enough trees for the footprint of the house and pool resulting in a really nice, private feel.

Grayton is one of the communities along "Scenic 30-A", a collection of beach towns which are pretty strict about tasteful development and ecological impact. No billboards, tacky junk or amusement parks, but lots of bike paths, dune lakes and my favorite restaurant, The Red Bar.

Recent kid pics.

Princess Molly.

Molly harassing her brother.

Poor Scout being the good patient while Molly plays with her Doctors kit.

Some tacky sunglasses from the lost and found at work. Will thinks they are pretty funny. I'm betting he won't think this picture is quite as funny during his teenage years.


Stephen & Rachel said...

Fun shots Matt! You have the cutest kids!