A week at the beach, new and improved. New and improved because we actually slept. No newborns, no infants. Just worn out kids that feel asleep early and stayed that way until morning when they were ready to do it all over again.

Will showing off his sleeping skills mentioned above.

Spencer went on her first destination bike ride. It was only about five miles, but she thought it was an epic adventure and talked about it the rest of the day. I did too.

The destination was Breakfast at the The Great Southern Cafe where Mickey Mouse pancakes
were the special.

Will was fascinated by the 'copters.


Will and his cousin Ellie firin' up some ice cream.

Sadly, the house we have stayed in for several years is for sale. Hopefully the next owners (if it manages to sale) will keep it as a rental and not change the unique feel this house has.


Spencer would have been happy to just stay in the pool all week.

Best. Restaurant. Ever.