Sunday morning I met a good sized group of folks to head over and enjoy the big climbs and big descents of Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina. It was my first trip to the area in years and I had never been to the Fish Hatchery area that our guide was taking us to.

Half of our group stopped for Starbucks leaving K-Town and paid dearly... twice. Once at Starbucks for five dollar flavored water and then again by getting stuck behind a wreck on the interstate for almost two hours. It was a real bummer as I as really looking forward to riding with some of those guys.

Heading over the Smokies.

Regrouping on the way up the first climb.

Unfortunately, I didn't really take many pictures. The length and fun factor of the big mountain descents wasn't really conducive to picture taking, but we had a great time. The gravel ride climbs weren't very exciting, but Pisgahs downhills are fabulous with lots of rocks, roots and fast singletrack. Good times.

Next trip will be more on my terms. By "my terms" I mean a ridiculously early start time to give me more time on the trails. Driving five+ hours to ride for three is bad math.

Even better than my Pisgah trip was celebrating my kids birthdays. We had a combo party for all three and everyone had a great time.

Spencer on the big slide

Molly doing it her own way.

Spencer playing air hockey.

Spencer and her BFF's.